Frequently Asked Questions

There are several things to consider when choosing a window cleaning and power/soft washing company to work around your home or business. Here are a few questions that will help you choose the right window cleaning company:


A few things impact the feeling of cleanliness in your home as greatly as window cleaning. If you are a business owner, clean windows will attract more clients to your business. Think about this: when you are choosing a restaurant, is cleanliness a major factor in your decision? Attract more customers to your business by having your windows professionally cleaned.

Each project time will vary depending on what needs done. We will give you a time estimate during your free consultation.

We can clean both, whichever you prefer. Our technicians are trained to work carefully and safely on the interior of your home. That means your furnishings, floors and window treatments will be left just the way we found them.

Window cleaning prices vary from location to location. For example, height is a major factor in determining the price to clean a window. Other factors to consider include how long it has been since your previous (if any) professional window cleaning, how many windows you have, and the types of windows that you would like cleaned. Is there paint on your windows?

Our process for cleaning the windows is to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the windows, french doors, and sliding doors. We remove and clean any screens as well as opening the windows and doors one at a time and clean the tracks. We also detail the frames and sills which are all cleaned by hand.

The answer really depends on a number of factors. Most home owners have their windows cleaned once or twice per year. We recommend at least having exterior windows cleaned at the minimum 6 months to prevent any mineral deposits and other build up on the windows. Customers that live on the water should consider doing every 3 months since they are at risk for hard water stains from the salt spray from the ocean. o Most storefronts need to have their windows cleaned at least once per month. Others need it done on a weekly basis. Larger commercial buildings can get by with a quarterly window cleaning. If you are not sure how often you should have your windows cleaned, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your window cleaning needs.

We have both Workers Compensation and Liability insurance which can both be provided upon request. Most companies that price cleanings dramatically cheaper do NOT carry this which is usually why they can price a lot less. We carry these to protect our employees as well as the homeowners.


Power washing, or pressure washing, is the application of a high pressure water
spray to surfaces that need cleaned. It is used on concrete to remove mold, gum,
and dirt stains. It is used on wooden decks to return the wood’s vibrant color. It
is used on houses to remove pollution, mildew, and other problematic signs of

Not with the professional technicians at Mod-Squad Services. We know how to
properly utilize high pressure washing equipment that has the capability to
produce an extremely high pressure output. By examining the type of surface
and its condition, our team can set the right amount of water pressure to be

PSI is the pounds per square inch. This is what delivers the punch during a power
wash, forcing contaminants off the surface.

  • GPM is the gallons per minute. This flushes the contaminants pushed off by the
  • Both are very important. Some people do, however, prefer more PSI or more
    GPM depending on their needs. A farmer may want more GPM to flush
    contaminants away from the fresh soil; a business owner may want more PSI to get the grime off the exterior surface of his or her storefront.

While power washing can be viewed as a do-it-yourself project, there is a clear
distinction between a DIY crew and professional services. This means you get
greater capability of equipment and greater expertise by having trained power
washing technicians do it for you.

For the majority of surfaces, an annual power washing should suffice. It does
depend on the materials used to create/build the surface as well as the current
condition of the surface, so you may need to increase the frequency of power


Most dryers can dry a full load of laundry in forty-five minutes or so. If the clothes are still damp after the appliance shuts-off, you may be overstuffing the drum. But, if load size is OK, then it’s most likely a clog in the ductwork. Many homeowners overlook the venting system, which is the most probable cause. Lint, hair, pet fur and paper products in the ductwork behind walls, between floors, and attics create the clog.

Restricted airflow from lint building up and causing the drying time to increase. When this happens, the dryer temperature exceeds safe limits and will eventually fail, and higher utility costs and the possibility of a dryer fire. According to the NFPA,Dryers are the #2 Cause of Home Appliance Fires!

Yes. Improper maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires with lint being the material that ignites. The fires are caused by overheating due to insufficient Air Flow!

Facts about home clothes dryer fires:

  • 2,900  home clothes dryer fires are reported each year  and cause an estimated five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in   property loss.
  • Failure  to clean the dryer vent is the leading cause of home clothes dryer     fires.
  • More  home clothes dryer fires occur in the fall and winter months, peaking in      January.

Yes Dryer vent cleaning should be done annually. We offer an affordable solution that minimizes health and safety issues. The best way to prevent the possibility of a dryer fire harming your family is with a thorough dryer airway and ductwork cleaning by Mod Squad Services

Yes. We inspect the clothes dryer vent for several mechanical and seal issues that should be checked by a professional dryer duct cleaning company.

For basic Dryer vent cleaning services, professionals take between 45 to 60 minutes to clear out the wall or rooftop dryer vents. If you attempt this important maintenance task yourself, it could take a lot longer.


Most homeowners know that it’s important to keep their gutters clean. After all, clogged gutters can lead to a host of problems, including leaks, water damage, and even foundation damage. But how often should gutters be cleaned? The answer may surprise you. According to most experts, gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. This helps to ensure that leaves and other debris don’t have a chance to build up and cause problems. Of course, if you live in an area with a lot of trees, you may need to clean your gutters more frequently. In any case, it’s important to inspect your gutters regularly and clean them as needed to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Most gutters are made from aluminum, which is a durable and long-lasting material. However, the lifespan of a gutter system depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the materials used, the amount of maintenance required, and the local climate. In general, gutters should be inspected regularly for signs of wear and tear, and they should be cleaned at least once a year to prevent clogs. If properly maintained, gutters can last for many years. However, in areas with high winds or heavy rainfall, gutters may need to be replaced more frequently.

One of the most important components of any home is the gutter system. Gutters help to redirect water away from the foundation of the house, which can prevent expensive damage over time. However, gutters can also be susceptible to leaves and other debris, which can cause clogs that reduce their effectiveness. Gutter guards are designed to help protect gutters from debris, while still allowing water to flow freely. While gutter guards cannot completely eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, they can help to reduce the frequency with which cleaning is necessary. In addition, gutter guards can help to extend the life of gutters by preventing corrosion and other forms of wear and tear. As a result, gutter guards can be a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Failure to clean your gutters can have a number of consequences, some of which may surprise you. Gutters that are full of leaves and debris can cause water to back up and overflow, potentially causing damage to your foundation or landscape. In addition, gutters that are not properly maintained can become weighed down and pull away from your roof, creating a gap that allows water to seep into your home. Clogged gutters can also provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Finally, full gutters are unsightly and can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal. By taking the time to clean your gutters on a regular basis, you can avoid these problems and keep your home in good condition.